Q. What is included in a luxury party?

A. You choose the theme and we will arrive at your home or venue on the day of your event at a pre-arranged time to transform your party space into a magical setting. Each Slumber party Package Includes…

*Bespoke Sleepover Tent covered in themed fabric with battery operated fairy lights

*Foam Mattress and Bedding (sheets and pillows)

*Blankets and Cushions

*Breakfast Tray Table


*Soft Rugs

*Each guest receives a personalized sleep mask to keep.

Once everything is set up perfectly, we leave for the night so that the fun can be had, and special memories can be made.

We return the next day at a pre-arranged time to dismantle the equipment and take everything away.


Q. What is included in a Spa Party?

A. We will arrive at your home or venue on the day of your event at a pre-arranged time to transform your party space into a magical spa setting. Each Spa party includes a 3 hour rental of the following (Longer rental can be arranged subject to availability and overnight rental is included if adding onto a slumber package).


-Head wrap

-Chairs with cushions 

-foot soak tubs


-Natural and organic Face scrub

-Natural and organic Face masks 

-Face mask applicators 

-Face cloths 

-Stocked Nail Bar

-Sparkling Apple Cider plus flutes


Q. How long does set up take?


A. - Depending on the size of your booking, we require a 1-3 hour set up time. We gently request that you help us make this time as uninterrupted as possible.  Arrival set up and collection times will be arranged at the time of booking subject to The Slumber Squad availability.


Q. Do you host the parties?


A. No, we simply provide the equipment, set it up to look beautiful and collect when you’re done!



Q. Do you provide supervision?

A. No, we are strictly there to set up and breakdown the equipment.


Q. What payment is required to book my party?

A. A $50 booking/security deposit is required at the time of booking to secure the date of your event. ($100 deposit for bookings greater than 6) The full deposit will be refunded to you within 5 days following collection of equipment, providing that everything is accounted for and that there is no damage to any of our equipment. (We have an inventory list that we will go over with you on the day of your event) Full payment is required on the day of your event at set up.

Q. Does the equipment get cleaned?

A. Every item is sanitized after each use. All bedding and tent covers are laundered/steamed after each use. All hard surfaces are sanitized with antibacterial wipes.


Q. Can the tents be used outside?

A. The small A-frame tents can be set up outside but not over night or in wet weather. The glamping Bell Tents are for outdoor use and are weather proof.

Q. Do I need to supply power?

A. For the safety of everyone we try to avoid using plug in equipment. Our fairy lights, lanterns and props are all battery powered using rechargeable batteries. 

Q. Is there a recommended age for teepee sleepover hire?


A. We recommend that our sleepover packages are suitable for children aged 6+. We offer other party options for guests who are not yet ready for an over night party. 


Q. How do I book a party or rent equipment?

A. Simply, email Lucie@theslumbersquad.com  or message us through our social pages.


Q. How much space will I need per Tent?

A. Approx. 35" W x 72" L plus additional room for breakfast trays, props and extras may be required.

Q. Can I rent Tents for more than one night?

A. This can be pre-arranged. Simply make a note with your enquiry.

Q. Where do you deliver?

A. We offer free delivery to any area within a 10-mile radius of Stow MA. We can provide service to other areas at our discretion. A delivery fee will be added to any booking that is outside of our free delivery radius. Here are our delivery charges from Stow MA…

0-10 miles- FREE

11-15 miles- $20

16-20 miles-$30

21-25 miles-$40

26-30 miles- $50

31-35 miles- $60

36-40 miles- $70

Please get in touch to discuss deliveries of greater the 40 miles from Stow MA.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. A minimum of 7 days’ notice must be given for requests to change the date of their rental booking. The customer’s request can then be granted if their preferred date is available. Cancellation within the 7 days will result in a forfeit of the $50 reservation deposit. ($100 for Slumber parties of more than 6)