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Rental Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 The "CLIENT" means the person/s, organisation or company booking the equipment with The Slumber Squad. 

2. Bookings

2.1 The date and period of rental is until the following day at an agreed time unless stated at tge time of booking.

2.2 All equipment remains the property of the The Slumber Squad at all times.

2.3 In the unlikely event of uncontrollable circumstances preventing us from being able to fulfil our contracted obligations our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid, other than the non-refundable deposit, in relation to the contracted event or a pro rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of delayed start. No further compensation will be paid.

3 Prices, Deposit & Balance Payments

3.1 All hires are subject to a non-refundable deposit/security bond of at least $50

3.2 50% of the balance to be paid in order to complete the booking. The remaining 50% is due on or by the day of set up/delivery.

4 Location, Facilities & Conduct

4.1 The set up space should be ready for the Slumber Squad before the time of arrival. Furniture should be moved if necessary and the area should be clean and clear. All pet poop should be removed from outdoor space as well as the route from unloading our vehicle.

4.2 The Slumber Squad reserves the right to refuse delivery/set up if the venue or site is deemed to be unsuitable. In such a case no refund will be given and the full hire fee will be due.

5. Liability and insurance

5.1 The Slumber Squad liability insurance covers use of the equipment whilst booked on agreed upon dates.

5.2 "The CLIENT" agrees to indemnify The Slumber Squad for any damage or theft of the COMPANY's equipment whilst on rental.

5.3 The Slumber Squad accepts no liability for any damage or loss of personal property and or any injury arising from the use of the rental equipment.

6. Contract Terms & Conditions of Hire

(If the Client is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following, a representative from The Slumber Squad should immediately be consulted before signing)

6.1 THE CLIENT will, during the period of rental, be responsible for the supervision of the equipment, its care, safety from damage however slight or change of any sort, and the behaviour of all persons of all ages using the equipment whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of children. The Slumber Squad excludes any liability for injury loss or damage caused to any person using the equipment contrary to the terms and conditions of this Contract.

6.2 IN ALL HIRING CONTRACTS a refundable security bond of $50 is payable. Such bond to be returned to the CLIENT within 7 days of return of the equipment, unless the hired equipment and any accessories have been damaged or lost during the period of hire and in such circumstances the bond will be used in full or part payment of those repairs/replacements. The CLIENT shall indemnify The Slumber Squad for the full cost of repair of any damage done to any equipmentwhich may occur during the period of the rental.

6.3 THE CLIENT shall not use the equipment for any purpose other than that described in the rental agreement and shall not sub hire or use the equipment or allow the equipment to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way, nor allow anyone onto the equipment wearing shoes, carrying sharp objects, key-rings, metal studded clothing or any other similar items which could cause damage to others or the equipment.

6.4 The greatest care should be taken when consuming food or drinks on/in the equipment. Food or drinks that are likely to stain the equipment should be avoided. Any food or drinks spillages should be cleaned up immediately, and any potential stains or damages should be reported to the Slumber Squad as soon as possible. The Slumber Squad reserves the right to withhold the clients deposit if food and drinks have not been cleaned from the equipment at the point of pick up.

6.5 IF THE CLIENT wishes to cancel the booking for whatever reason, the following cancellation fees will become payable-

-Anytime after booking- A $50 deposit is withheld.

-4-2 weeks before the event- cancellations within this timeframe are subject to 25% of the total booking cost plus the $50 deposit.

-Within two weeks of the event-Cancellations made within this time frame are subject to 50% of the total Booking plus the $50 deposit

*Outdoor parties that are canceled due to bad weather are Eligible for a full refund if canceled before 24 hours before the party date. Cancellations made within 24 hours before the party date are subject to payments of 50% of the total party cost plus $50 deposit.

In the unlikely event that the Slumber Squad should need to cancel your event a full refund including deposit will be sent back to the client.


It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to avoid injury or cause damage to the equipment. Please ensure that the following safety instructions are followed.

1.A responsible adult must supervise the equipment at ALL times.

3.ALL shoes, and sharp objects MUST be removed before using

4.NO face paints, nail polish, gum, pets, smoking or sharp objects to be allowed on or near the equipment. This will avoid possible soiling of the equipment.

5.Climbing or hanging on the wooden parts of the equipment is dangerous and must NOT be allowed.

6.The equipment must be used indoors only unless agreed with the Slumber Squad at the time of booking. ALL equipment (aside from Bell tents and the contents inside them) must not be left outside overnight. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all items do not get wet/damp or damaged due to being left outside during the rental period.

7.Any damage to equipment caused by misuse, neglect, loss or failure to follow these instructions, shall deem the CLIENT liable for full repair or replacement costs in addition to any loss of business.

If you have any queries about the information above please contact Lucie Neef

via email

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